A lot of different material gets into my hands: the wood, canvas, cardboard and paper ... And is interesting on its own interest. I always chose intuitively. Smell, vibration of tone made me realizing is this my or not - my fingertips felt the texture and depending on subtle sensations.
         Throughout the time, I have experienced a lot of love to canvas, especially when I heard them sing.

        We will not go into the technical side (size, degree of priming, grain, etc.), but let's talk about the most important:
        Canvas must be heard!

        We are not talking about stretch in favor of flat angles, but about music. Canvas must be heard in unison with your soul, with the basic idea of all picture. It should have tone from symphony of color tone in your paintings! Сustomized canvas makes the correct tonal-rhythmic accompaniment, when you work with brushes. Of course, you can adjust the canvas using wedges to the desired note - It is better to initially select the desired sound. It doesn´t matter, even, if you know what you write – or not - subconscious knows. By tapping your fingers on the canvas, you will definitely find one that will respond with the right note. And then your paints will start singing with an incredibly pure angelic voice and you, like a conductor, bring forth the symphony masterpiece. It is important to be able to listen ...
         Canvas should speak!