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Serge Feeleenger


          Was born 18th December, 1984. Currently is living in the capital of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk.

           Was interested in painting since childhood.

           Once his uncle, noticed little Serge’s abilities, gave to him two textbooks of academic painting and drawing... Serge all day long was looking through these books and was drawing the anatomical structure of a man. Even school’s lessons he was attending that time, were spent in sketching teachers’ and students’ portraits in his exercise books.

           Since secondary school time Serge also became interested in music and prose. That time he established his first musical band and he was composing music and lyrics himself. Occasionally he was writing short stories and tales. 

           At the age of 14 years old Serge went to sports camp, where he met Alexei De Bronhe first time. They created a temporary musical project called "Dance Maniacs" and then some demo tracks were recorded. During one month of stay in this camp, both friends and their music became loved by all sport camp’s visitors as well as employees, who were copying demo recordings from each other.

           When came the time to enter the Academy of Fine Arts, eighteen’s years old Serge Feeleenger made a mistake and arrived to submit his documents on the last working day of selection committee by the reason of taking information from the old guide. Despite this he convinced the selection committee to listen to him. Serge was extemporizing and the committee approved it. He just needed to complete writing composition, but Serge reminded that he was late to the dress rehearsal of his new musical band “Tserber” and he left the exam.



Serge Feeleenger WAPE

           Then began Serge Feeleenger’s musical period. Being a soloist of "Tserber", he was also involved in composing music and lyrics. The band was giving concerts successfully and gradually was getting a greater number of its fans.

In 2005 Serge left the band.

           In 2006, he created the project called «WAPE» to which in 2007 Nadia has joined. Concerts of «WAPE» have been given not only in Minsk, but also in other cities of the country. Track "Goodbye" was broadcasted on the radio “BA”.

           Feeleenger stages all clips of band.

           By 2012, the master has arranged a new project called «SERGE FEELEENGER».


          After a long-lasting pause, Serge again became interested in painting, but thoroughly, and since that time he fell in love with painting forever. He learned himself the basics of multilayer smooth painting’s technique of the old masters, but also he did not leave a deep passion for new experiments. Serge was trying himself in all possible panting genres and styles, from expressionism to the hyper-realism, but nevertheless, his own style became recognizable. His unbridled thirst for everything new and his strong interest to experiments helped him to create a special way of glass painting as well as visualization paintings and shaded paintings.   

         In February, 2012, the very first personal exhibition called “I am the Paradox Myself!” was held. Later in April the same year, Serge participated in a shared exhibition the "Opened Sight", which were held in Moscow, Russia at the Central House of Artists.

         During the process of creating the painting called "GM Still Life or The Shadow of Invisible Insect" Serge FeeLeenger was experimenting with the drawing’s mode. For more convenience he tied three brushes to his fingers by insulating tape and tried to paint several parts of a picture this way. He noticed how efficient and convenient that painting mode was. Then he tried the same with five brushes when finishing "In Search of the Higg’s Particle." Firstly, the artist was not in a hurry to reveal this method to anybody and he left the technique of “five brushes” for a deeper and more detailed investigation. He published his diary "In Search of God’s Particle." After some time he was not satisfied with the edited version of it, and Serge started his online blogThen he continued with the seconds release of “WAPE” project. Once finished the painting "Pomegranate" on June, 30th, 2012 Serge broadcasted the video of the process of painting with five brushes in the social network. Has realized the undeniable advantages of poly-using of brushes in pastose painting, innovator broadcasted other videos with paintings "Spring" and A Girl, where ten brushes were involved in a creating process. 

Serge Feeleenger interview

          In August 2012 Serge wrote technical article about the use of five and ten brushes in the painting. He shared this information with Internet platform «TUT.BY», after what he was invited to the live interview. Telecast produces vivid waves of discussions among the masses: for some people the use of ten brushes appeared as a hoax or unlikely phenomenon and for others as a genius display. Feelenger himself has already realized that he discovered a revolutionary painting technique that could simultaneously be a  painting style. Media became extremely interested in a new genius. 

         In one of the reports made for “MIR” channel was participating Natalia Potorskaya, the research officer at the Museum of Modern Art, who confirmed that the artist was able to paint with ten brushes at once. Further “BelPatent” confirmed that before Serge Feeleenger technique of ten brushes was not used by anybody.


serge feeleenger, way of ten brushes

          Videos of the painting processes, text materials, photos and any information related to a technique of “Ten Brushes” were spread with a growing trend. Followers of it were appeared.

         In the same year Serge accompanied by Alisa went to Moscow to take a part in TV-show “I am Director Myself” where he won in two times in rubric “Can you do so?”. One first place was given to him for technique of “Ten Brushes” and another first place was given for visualization paintings.

         In January 2013 famous young premiere Pauline Rusetskaya arrived to Minsk from Poland. Ballerina agreed to sit for the final - central part of the triptych "Ballet".


          Since the winter of 2012-2013 Serge has being deeply interested in the Space and it was reflected in his works. The endless Space was appeared where most of the scenes of his paintings are illustrated. Genius of a master does not dare to make the Space an aim, but decoration. Critics are warmly discussing  the cosmic reality of a master, indicating the Space as an inherent stage where Serge Feelenger is performing plays with his inexhaustible imagination.

Серж Филингер
              May 22, 2013, Feeleenger published in the networks his new invention - the machine for drawing, or electric brushes.
Also deeper into other inventions.
             Serge - again media interest

            Master autumn published in textbooks on the visual arts. His painting technique 10 brushes
"The bread and butter of the artist or breakfast" is placed next to the "Holy Family" by Michelangelo.

2014, He discovered a new sculptural technique - multifacio.
          In 2015 the master experimenting with 3D images for his sculptures. And in February of the same year creates its own lens..


               Serge soon realizes his old technique "picture-sharpening" in the picture "Pomegranate with paradoxical grain." It gives a new name for this technique - art scraping or pastel scraping. This technique interested media. Developing scraping, Feeleenger
straight into the air STV presents a new kind of method - single-layer scraping.

                                      In the winter 2016 issue Feeleenger INSTRUCTION 10 BRUSHES and was soon surprised by the amazing new way.